Would you like responsible, long-staying tenants to source a steady flow of rental income?
Would you like investing in rental properties to be an enjoyable experience for you and your tenant-clients?

It doesn’t take much to be the landlord that all tenants love and adore. In The Perfect Landlord co-authored with Raymond Aaron, veteran renter Mike Charbonneau draws on his experiences in two vastly different rental markets, Montreal and Toronto, to create this nifty handbook for landlords. Mike knows better than anyone that small efforts to cherish your tenants can make a huge difference to your own reputation and the standing of your properties. His perspective has created so much value for his landlord friends that they have persuaded him to write a book, which you now hold in your hands. Additionally, he draws from the Japanese practice of “kaizen” or continuous improvement to come up with nuggets of practical and actionable wisdom that go a long way towards helping you do well by doing good.

In this pocket guide, you will learn:

  • How you can leverage the holiday spirit of goodwill to build social capital with your tenant – clients.
  • Why it can be a great idea to hire tenants to help you maintain your properties if you do it right.
  • Easy ways to create incentives for your tenants to rent from you long-term, and tell their friends to do the same!

If you are passionate about growing your wealth while making the world a better  place for your tenant-clients, this must-read reminds you that being The Perfect Landlord is not only very profitable, it can be tremendously fun!

“As a landlord, I’m always looking for different perspectives and ideas on tenant relations. Following Mike’s examples, of practicing respect for people and creating community, has made a positive influence fostering relationship with our tenants” Dan McGee

Property Owner

“Simple, down to earth advice that pays dividends!” Amanda Post

Real Estate Investor

“Never having been a landlord, I have, like so many, seen the other side as a renter.
The one thing, to this day, that stands out, was the 1st (and only) time I locked my building & door key in my suite.
I had to disturb the landlady at 9PM and ask her to let me in.
The reception I got from her was truly nasty, complete with threats to send me a bill if I ever did it again! And she only had to take the elevator up one floor, and walk 50 feet!
Oh to have had a Mike Charbonneau as a land lord … !!

In recent months, with Covid, customer service has taken a severe beating. We can only it will recover!
Sounds to me like Mike is well on his way to helping that along!”

Mike touches on a 2 very key points that I too learned working with a company similar in many ways to Toyota.
– Respect for the individual
– Small changes instead of big ones

And the personal touch …
– Keep notes about your tenants so they’re not just a name on a cheque & lease. You can carry on a real conversation! So simple it is brilliant!
– Baked too much bread. What better way to find a good use for it?!
– A small gift and note at Christmas. Worth far more than the price tag.

And above all, he remembers, they’re people.

As a prospective landlord, you should aspire to be a Mike Charbonneau.
As a prospective tenant, you will be lucky to have him as your land lord!” Peter & Kim Van Blarcom

Home Owners

The Perfect Landlord

7 Ways to Cherish Your Clients

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